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At ST we understand every project is unique, there will be never one solution that fits all. We pride ourselves on being specialist architecture, construction, and project management that provider diverse range of projects.

Based in Melbourne, we believe it is our obsession with the finer details that set us apart. With experience and knowledge, we take full control of each project, providing you with regular progress report and update, and keep you up to speed throughout the project’s lifespan. we continue to do the best, successfully deliver quality service for our clients, and ensure the journey is an enjoyable one. 

Why Choose Us

Because we have a full range of services, our team draws knowledge from a variety of projects, bringing the fresh perspective needed to improve performance.

Professional team and reasonable price are the main reasons for us to get 100+happy customers.

One-Stop Service
Accurate Assessment
Creative Investment Perspective

Start your project with ST Buildings

We serve the development and construction of projects in Greater Melbourne Region and across Victoria.

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