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Project Management

Project Management

There is no doubt that real estate transactions and construction plans (whether new or remodeled) require multiple steps, significant capital, and input from multiple stakeholders. Think about buying a house: you get a loan, research available properties, select and bid on a property, inspect it and get insurance, negotiate the purchase, complete the purchase, and move into the space.

Transplanting these concepts into commercial real estate now: buying a vacant lot for a future building requires similar steps, but on a much larger scale. The developer must conduct research, secure financing, negotiate purchases, engage in dialogue with city or county zoning and permitting departments to determine if the planned use of the property is permissible, hold public comment sessions, coordinate with engineering experts on matters such as site planning for the property or parking lot drainage, submitting plans to city or county planning boards, etc. The necessity of all these planning shows that smart project management is an important aspect of any successful real estate project.

At ST Buildings, our team will help you collaborate every step of the way to ensure that your project is moving forward in an orderly and on-time manner, a seemingly simple task that requires professional experience, timing, leadership and some patience!

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